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home_inspections_texasHome Inspectors evaluate a home as an objective third party. It is recommended that any home, even a new build, be inspected.  Home Inspections are important to both a buyer and seller because they can make the buyer and seller aware of any issues that may need to be resolved before closing.

Even though Texas does not have home inspection requirements, it is highly recommended that you have one done. A typical Dallas area inspection can range in price from about $325 to $475 and take a few hours.  (Prices fluctuate slightly for surrounding areas.)

As a seller, a home inspection done as a part of pre-listing your home can make you aware of any unknown problems that could inhibit the sale of your home.  As a buyer, it gives a more objective and realistic evaluation of a home, which cuts down the emotional appeal of a property.  Home inspections requested on the buyer’s behalf usually take place 5-10 days before negotiations are complete.

Important things to remember:

– Initial inspections only check the condition of the home at the time of inspection and do not guarantee any condition beyond that point.
– Some special features on a home may not be included in the inspection such as swimming pools, in-ground sprinklers, gazebos, etc.
– It is important that buyers of a home go on the inspection with the inspector and observe.
– Inspectors will not necessarily catch every possible problem in a home.
– Even new homes need to be inspected. All homes are not exactly up to the standards of the model you tour.
– Inspectors should not recommend or bid on repair work; this is a conflict of interest.

A good inspector will:

– Check for radon and other harmful gases.
– Describe what they are checking.
– Show you useful information such as where to shut off water or light a furnace.
– Give you a report in writing.

Home inspection is now a regulated industry, so make sure you hire a licensed inspector. Questions to ask of an inspection company:

– How long has the company been performing inspections?
– Does the company have Error and Omissions insurance?
– Will the company give a written and signed report?
– Does the company stand behind its report (give a guarantee)?-
– How many real estate companies does the company give service too?